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"Improves your hair with every stroke"


We all know stress affects our outer appearance as much as our inner health. Too many late nights, poor nutrition and environmental pollution can all take their toll. What do you do when you hair becomes lacklustre and brittle?

In answer to these problems, Valentino has created a new concept that will not only improve the condition and appearance of your hair, but gets to the root of the problem. “In 40 years’ experience, I’ve seen people’s hair change dramatically for no apparent reason,” he says. Investigating the subject in depth, he discovered that involuntary stress was having a harmful effect on hair without people being aware of it, and that there is a definite link between our health, hair and state of mind. Valentino’s solution was to create a practical and useful tool which would have a dual action on both mind and body.

How it works

The Valentino Mind BrushTM is handmade in maple or olivewood. It’s extremely tactile, perfectly balanced and has been specially shaped to feel like an extension of your hand. The smooth rounded ends of the wooden bristles feel wonderful against your head and neck and, being sprung on a natural anti-static rubber pad, it glides smoothly across your scalp – as though hundreds of tiny fingers are massaging every muscle in your head. Valentino’s research has proved that doing this helps to relax your nervous system, which triggers a chain of reactions, including relaxing your digestive system so it can produce a better flow of amino acids, essential for healthy hair production. It also helps activate the body’s lymphatic system, which helps remove harmful toxins, and stimulates the sebaceous glands, producing natural essential oils for well conditioned, healthy hair.

How to use it

On waking up, last thing at night and before shampooing, sweep the brush from your forehead across your head and down the back of your neck. Take your time. For maximum benefits, do this for up to a few minutes.
Within a month, both the texture and condition of your hair should improve. In three months you should have the best hair that your body can produce. And you’ll give yourself valuable minutes of relaxation each day, helping to counteract the stresses and strains of a modern lifestyle. What better way to start the day?

How to order

The Valentino Mind BrushTM is sold exclusively at Valentino’s. For enquiries/ordering please call 020 7937 6911


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  • Nano Keratin


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  • Essie
  • Jane Iredale Mineral Make Up
  • The Valentino Mind Brush


  • I visited Valentino Salon for a massage and was treated to a wonderfully soothing experience. Before my treatment even begun, the therapist made sure she knew how much pressure to use and which areas to focus on to ensure the best results. After determining that the amount of tension in my back and shoulders definitely needed reducing, I enjoyed an hour-long massage that managed to balance relaxation with some extensive knot work.

    Alison Rowley

  • Products are great esp for sensitive skin. Beautician Michelle is the most efficient and friendly waxing guru I have come across in London (I have been to many). 

    Highly recommended. 

    M Antoniadas

  • Always wonderful, Michelle is an angel and waxes perfectly. I wouldn't go anywhere else. 

    P Livesey

  • Michelle is always efficient and does an excellent job. 

    C Hill

  • Excellent welcome, service and treatment, as always

    S Davies

  • Best brazilian bikini waxing experience! Michelle is the lady to know! Will be coming back and will recommend to all my girlfriends :) 

    A Kaplij

  • The facial was excellent and the experience blissfully relaxing 

    L Milne-Tyte

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